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This is the blog of Stephane Boyera...Yet another blog about mobile, ICT and Social & Economic Development in the South.

About the Author

I’ve been working since the beginning of 2006 on Mobile for Social Development. I started investigating this domain as part of my job at the World Wide Web Consortium, the international standardization organization for Web technologies founded by Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the Web.

Then, I launched in 2009 a private consultancy firm, SB Conseil (aka SBC4D) specialized in the same area. During 4 years we worked exclusively for the  World Wide Web Foundation that I helped setting -up and launching and where I was the Lead Project Manager. The Web Foundation was founded by Tim Berners-Lee, and is focusing on the role of the Web as a tool for Social and Economic Development in Developing Countries. Since 2013, we expanded our activities and our customers includes now various organizations such as  MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Orange, W3C, the International Trade Center, IFAD, The World Bank or CTA.

My primary expertise is related to mobile services for people living in underprivileged communities. This spans from technology expertise, to user interface design (particularly voice interface design for people who are illiterate and no prior exposure to technology), to business modelling, to service deployment. I have developed a specific knowledge around multi-channel platforms (mixing traditional Web access with voice-based access, etc.), and voice services.

I’ve also acquired expertise on other domains that I’m driving:

  • Agriculture and the potential of ICT to improve small-scale farmers income
  • Education and the potential of ICT to provide quality Education in very remote areas
  • Open Data and Open Government Data
  • Entrepreneurship and in particular ICT entrepreneurs

A full resume is available online in PDF (Dec 2013)

Finally, I’m also maintaining a personnal family blog but in french (nobody is perfect)

If you want to contact me, please use my personal address stephane[at]boyera.net